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Bulk carrier operators must be aware of the specific safety concerns related to this type of ship. Loading of cargo must be done carefully, to ensure cargo cannot shift during a voyage leading to stability problems. Large hatch covers must be watertight and secure.

The practices contained in the Code are intended as recommendations to Governments, ship operators and shipmasters. Its aim is to bring to the attention of those concerned an internationally-accepted method of dealing with the hazards to safety which may be encountered when carrying cargo in bulk. The Code highlights the dangers associated with the shipment of certain types of bulk cargoes gives guidance on various procedures which should be adopted lists typical products which are shipped in bulk gives advice on their properties and how they should be handled and describes various test procedures which should be employed to determine the characteristic cargo properties

The Code contains a number of general precautions and says it is of fundamental importance that bulk cargoes be properly distributed throughout the ship so that the structure is not overstressed and the ship has an adequate standard of stability.

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